About One Take

One Take Studios is not only a Dance or Martial Arts school we believe we are part of our community. We currently host Dance and Martial Arts classes in Arlington and Loudoun County Schools. However student do not just learn one of those art forms they also learn about the importance of Responsibility, Team Work , Focus and many more life skills.

We know that the youth are our future and that we should help our community build stronger family connections and friend ships so that they may carry those traditions on to their children.  We are always looking for way to help our community weather it be teaching our classes to local schools, hosting community events, or helping assist other local events.

Our Staff have helped to host many events that help promote the art forms and raise money for causes such as Cancer Research, children hospitals, and to our local schools. We are currently strictly working in our local schools until we open our new location in Loudoun County. Stay tuned to find out when we will be opening! and do not forget to take advantage of our Preregistration deals.

If you would like to preregister for your FREE trial programs just RSVP here: FREE LESSONS