Martial Arts made fun and practical for all ages, Martial Arts is a great source of exercise and great for building confidence, responsibility, and learning to defend your self.


Little Samurai (Ages 3-7)

These littles are taught about Responsibility, Focus, Coordination, Balance, Control, Discipline, and Confidence threw Martial Arts. They learn basic Martial Arts skills at a good pace for their age. These classes help children with understanding their flexibility and strength. Little Samurais class is set for age’s three to seven, little by little students tend to build understanding of everything and transition fairly well into our normal youth program. This Program is designed to keep the attention of the kids and teach them using fun educational methods.

Youth Martial Arts (Ages 7-13)

The Youth Martial Arts is a exciting and fun program for kids ages seven to 13. We use traditional aspects of Karate, some Tae Kwon Do, and some Cardio Kickboxing. The program is designed in a way where things constantly stay fresh and exciting. Instructors do their part to make sure that students learn how to defend themselves, build confidence, and give the structure to teach them how to manage responsibilities in every day life.

We use a traditional belt ranking system however we use elements of more modern styles of Martial Arts with occasional workshops in other styles, weapons classes, acrobatic classes, and much more!


With a flexible schedule classes are easy to attend no matter what your work and school schedule may look like. If you have to stay late for work there are options for After School Care and may even be upgraded to do both Martial Arts and Dance! Oh wait and the best part is if schools close for holiday and some days due to inclement weather One Take Studios offers Day Camps to give a place where your child can study, work on their Martial Arts skills, and have some fun with games and Arts and Crafts.

Teens & Adults Martial Arts (Ages 13-UP)

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