10 reasons to join Martial Arts & Dance

1. be active

Martial Arts is a great way to get out the house and get active. With so many technological advances people have gotten used to sitting in front of the TV, computer, I pad, Tablet est. Most kids today don’t play outside like we did when we were kids. Some children don’t find the average spots interesting or they just feel like they are not good at the sports. With Martial Arts and Dance children are taught threw a system of basics and constantly learning newer and more advanced techniques keeping things fresh and interesting for everyone.

As students move up threw the ranks there fitness requirements will also increase and become more challenging. It is our jobs to help each individual student overcome all these challenges and make it fun and enjoyable.

2. focus

Focus is essential when it comes to anything you want to do. In order to achieve your goals you have to have all your focus set on that goal. Threw Martial Arts we teach students how to focus not only for physical requirements like punches and kicks but also with the mental aspect. Students right off the bat have to learn how to stop and listen to all instructions and how to even just sit still for a set amount of time and how to envision their goals. Martial Arts and Dance being such and active art forms, they allow people to let out a lot of their energy and frustrations.

Martial Arts and Dance have even proven to help with ADHD and some learning disabilities. A great example of this is dyslexia; this can make things very hard for some students to tell their left and right, or give them trouble fallowing directions and with writing and reading. A way we combat these challenges is by practicing ways to help memorize left, right and other drills that help build on retention. We take pride in helping students find their way of learning and build on that whether it is threw one on one lessons or in group settings where they learn to fallow along side their peers.

3. Academics & Responsibility

In our Martial Arts Program we have color stripe requirements witch help motivate students to study hard and earn good grades. Some of their Tests for Belt ranks may require a good report card. The same goes for our Dance Program however in dance they will receive special wrist bands for their achievements and new color uniforms to show their rank. We help inspire students starting with little achievements and as they work their way up the ranks we keep them motivated and try to get them more involved at home and school. Some stripe requirements can be for things like helping around the house with out being told to. This has been a really great part of our programs it really gets the kids to help around the house with things such as washing dishes, taking out the trash, or doing their bed in the morning.

4. find your drive

Here at One Take Studios we like to help motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals. Martial Arts is a great way to learn how to set goals and reach them taking each challenge step by step and really pushing yourself to keep going even when you feel physically or mental exhausted. In many ways earning a black belt is like graduating from collage you have to go threw many levels and requirements and when your ready to graduated and go out into the real world your given one big final exam and once you pass you are now ready to go out and find work. Then you realize that this whole time in school was preparation for the real thing and that the learning never stops. Many people find it hard to make it all the way threw some things and we believe that threw Martial Arts you will learn to never give up and how to over come your doubts and fears. Sometimes we might get nervous on a test and can fail Martial Arts teaches you how to get back up and how to prevent failure in the future.

5. confidence

Martial Arts and Dance may help instill confidence threw its requirements challenging students and also by the requirements for responsibly and leadership. When you find that thing that you are good at and you see improvement you begin to feel healthier and more confident. Martial Arts and Dance may even help with public speaking learning not only how to stand up in front of many people and speak but to project their voices. The arts are a form of expression and threw Martial Arts and Dance Students learn more about body language, projecting their voice, and how to better convey their thoughts to others.

6. Conflict Resolution

In our Martial Arts classes we teach Students that although we learn self defense techniques it does not mean we go fighting people for everyday problems. Fighting is our last option. Threw our training students will learn ways to avoid problematic situations. In the Urban Styles of Dance people do not fight or even touch another person the whole idea is to battle the other person and win or lose at the end of the battle both people show respect to each other. Dance can be a great way to break tension in a room or build new friendships even with people that speak other languages.

7. nutrition and well being

As students will go threw the ranks they will be given more difficult requirements and will learn how to properly exercise so that they avoid injuries. Dance and Martial Arts are very fast paste and demanding making them a great source of building strength and stamina. Students will also get the chance to learn about healthy diets and balancing their time management. Learning to manage your fitness and well being may also lead to building more self confidence.

8. team work & friendships

Martial Arts & Dance Programs are a great ways to meet other people and families who share your same interests. Another Great thing is if Families take classes together they will build a stronger bond and have something that they can share a love doing together. Also in classes students will learn to help motivate and lead each other. As they progress in the ranks they will need to perform routines together in their selective art forms weather it be Martial Arts or Dance.

9. creativity

The arts are all about creativity! not only do students get to be creative on how they use techniques to express themselves threw things such as forms and dance freestyle rounds. We will host many events where students get to display their creativity threw other things such as costumes, creative routines, or finding ways to help their community. Any studio can teach moves here at One Take we believe in teaching life skills as well as traditional basics and helping people find their way of doing Martial Arts or Dance.

10. self defense

At One Take Studios we believe in drilling basic techniques and showing how to use them in simplistic and realistic ways. In doing so this should become second nature and witch will allow student to be ready at all times. However self defense does not always mean fight back. On the contrary at One Take we teach the essentials on how to avoid fights and when to walk away. In Dance you learn that you may be called out at any moment and you learn how to defend yourself threw dance.